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Learn how CoreView + Pyramid Consulting enables customers to assess, optimize, and manage their Microsoft 365 licensing with ease. 

Answer the call of Microsoft 365 licensing. Many organizations are locked into annual or multi-year contracts and forget the ongoing opportunity to optimize licensing. Many come late to the annual renewal game and scramble to come up with the correct license numbers. Are the users using the software and services? Are the users rightsized for the functionality they need? How can I reassign and rearrange my licensing for Microsoft 365?  

Mark your calendar and join CoreView and Pyramid Consulting for this exciting webinar as we explore how “Assessing and Optimizing your Microsoft 365 Licensing” will benefit your organization as we hear from our panel of industry experts. 

In this webinar you will learn about ways to optimize your licenses including how to: 

  • Quickly report on service usage 
  • Easily find inactive, unassigned, oversized user licenses 
  • Reassign and manage user licenses 
  • Maximize license value through learning and adoption


Putting the Pieces Together: A Primer on Breach Prevention

Putting the Pieces Together: A Primer on Breach Prevention addresses the critical elements that every organization needs to follow to establish a sound proactive stance on securing their environment against compromise and breach.

Join Graydon McKee, Chief Information Security Officer and Practice Director, Information Security, Pyramid Consulting Solutions for this webinar to will learn how to assemble the right elements of your information security and network operations capability to establish a solid foundation for monitoring and protecting your network. Blend the tried and true with new capabilities such as AI and SOAR to provide actionable monitoring and protection rather than the typical re-actionable content you have been used to.
October 13, 2020



Building a Better Mousetrap: Breach Prevention and Detection in the Modern World

The pandemic has ushered in a new era of cybersecurity. Security professionals who raise their game and protect their organization's people, technology, and data from new cybersecurity risks will be crucial players in the economic turnaround. This webinar featuring our Chief Information Security Officer, Graydon McKee - MSIA, CISSP, will look into the ways that organizations can ‘future proof’ their strategies to combat future threats.


Re-imagining the Talent Economy - The Next Normal Webinar

A lot has happened over the past 4 months that no one could have expected. With the rise of COVID-19 and social unrest, the contingent labor and staffing markets have had to change the way they think and act. At the center of this shift are the major MSP organizations, who manage programs at some of the largest companies in the world.  In this webinar you will hear from the industry leaders at the forefront, and learn from them how they perceive changes in the business model and what companies will need to do – technology, partnerships, re-opening strategy; understand how to maintain Diversity and

Inclusion in the contingent labor market; the roles that MSPs and Suppliers play; and thoughts around the long-term outlook.  And hear a special feature industry overview from SIA.

Download and view this exciting webinar as we explore the “Next Normal” with our panel of industry experts.


Pyramid's Spring 2020 Webinar Series

Download webinars from Pyramid’s 4-part series focusing on the effects of COVID-19 and the new normal in the future of work. Each webinar brings a panel of staffing SMEs spanning a wide variety of industries.

The new normal is here now. Learn from the expert practitioners so you don’t get left behind!

Rethinking the Future of Work
How are you responding to the sudden and drastic changes brought about by COVID-19? What changes and adjustments have you made and will you need to make amid and after COVID-19? The future of work demands new workforce models. Whether your primary responsibility is for your full-time or contingent workforce, learn about the strategies and solutions leading practitioners utilize to develop a more flexible workforce and better ways to do business.    

COVID-19 - Industry Leaders Speak Out
As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to sweep across the U.S. and the globe, the magnitude of impact remains unknown.  Sit in on this virtual roundtable of leaders from across industries and hear them speak about the unexpected and how their companies are dealing with COVID-19 specifically – People, Process and Product. What, collectively, must we solve in the “New Normal” and what are potential actions/steps needed so that organizations can move forward and continue to thrive in this new reality?

Talent Change at Pandemic Speed!
Are you able to make remote talent sourcing work in your business today? If not, what do you need to learn to do differently? What sort of services, partnerships, methods and technologies will you need to embrace? What does ‘remote talent sourcing’ look like today? To succeed amid and after COVID-19, a root and branch change is needed. That can only happen when supported by a strategic change in the way you source and recruit talent – from digital technologies to new methodologies. Learn more as successful practitioners guide you through the critical success factors to make sourcing for your full-time and contingent workforce work in your organization.

Making Remote Talent Sourcing Work
Is this the right time to develop an alternate sourcing channel for contingent and/or full-time workers? Are you ready to build an in-house curated talent pool for your contingent workforce program amid and after COVID-19?  Direct sourcing is a hot topic because it offers a way to both access on-demand talent faster and engage flexible workforce at a lower cost. Learn more as successful practitioners guide you through the critical success factors to make direct sourcing work in your organization.


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